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Problem Statements

Problem Statements

  • The problem statement presents the audience with the relevance of the topic.  It shows why the problem needs to be addressed and that the problem matters.  Without a strong problem statement, your audience may not see the importance of the problem and ask: “So what?”
  • A week problem statement may impact the overall goal of a document.  For example, a week problem statement can singlehandedly derail your plans if you are writing a research funding proposal or a grant application.  A strong problem statement can make all the difference
  • The problem statement should be specific.   It should present only what the paper will discuss and only what you can support with evidence.  From the example statement, the audience will expect that you discuss the potential issues caused by personal and financial impact.  If you get away with the main topic, it may create confusion for your audience. For example, it could weaken the point that you’re trying to make.

Evaluating Problem Statements

  • Working in the construction industry is a dangerous job.  this is a weak problem statement.  It is too vague.


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