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Ethics and Cultural Influences

Ethics and cultural influences


Environmental Health Competencies

The three core functions of public health are assessment, policy development, and assurance.



The aim of assessment is to make sure that resources are available for dealing with local health problems and needs.


Policy Development

The three issues that need to be considered while developing policies are program feasibility, resources and authority.



The aim of assurance is to define the programs and actions and implement health care policies.


Code of Ethics I

We turn now to the Nursing and Public Health Code of Ethics.


The Public Health Code of Ethics states key principles of the ethical practice Of public health. The code affirms the understanding of health as a state of physical, mental, and social well-being. and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.


Code of Ethics II

The Code of Ethics for Nurses consists of nine statements that address the moral

standards that delineate nursing values, goals, and obligations.


The Nine Statements are summarized as


  1. Compassion for all, not restricted by social or economic status of individuals
  2. Primary commitment to the patient
  3. Striving to protect the health and rights of the patient
  4. Responsibility and accountability for actions
  5. Preserve integrity and safety, and maintain competence
  6. Working toward improving the health care environment
  7. Advancement by studying and knowledge development
  8. Collaboration with other health professionals
  9. Maintenance of integrity of the profession, and help shape public policy


Code Of Ethics III

The 2001 Code of Ethics for Nurses and the 2001 Public Health Code of Ethics address public health advocacy. Public health advocacy has two components, products and processes.




The products component of public health advocacy consists of healthy diet, stress reduction, and prenatal care.



The processes component consists of research, professional and clinical education, and enforcement of effective policies.


Immigrant Health Issues

Promoting health for immigrants is an important issue as most immigrants do not have proper access to health care. The reasons for improper access are poor resources, language ability, and different beliefs and lifestyles.


Barriers to Healthcare Assistance I

The barriers that interfere with the nurse’s effort to provide healthcare assistance to

immigrant population are: languages beliefs, and knowledge. Nurses should know the major health problems and risk factors specific to the given immigrant population.


Barriers to Healthcare Assistance II

Nurses need to understand that the traditional healing practices used by their clients may be useful in western medical practices as well.


Barriers to Healthcare Assistance III

Nurses need to be sensitive to the differences between their own culture and the culture of their clients to assist them in their healthcare.

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Nursing 340 – Public Health Nursing 

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