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Roles and Functions

Roles and functions 2


Roles of Nurses – Parish Nursing

  • Parish nursing refers to the nursing practice in the context of faith communities.


Parish Nursing – Models

There are two types of parish nurse models: the congregational model and the institutional model. In both the models, parish nurses work to provide holistic care which concerns the mind, body, and spiritual relationship.


Congregational Model

The congregational model involves employment of the nurse directly by the congregation with support, benefits, and supervision from the church.


Institutional Model

In the institutional model, the parish nurse is employed by a hospital or a community agency, which has signed a contract with one or more churches and provides a salary, benefits, institutional support, and



Parish Nursing – Skills

The skills required for parish nursing are:

  • Leadership skills
  • Verbal and nonverbal communication skills
  • Negotiation and collaboration skills


Parish Nursing Characteristics

  • A spiritual dimension is central to parish nursing
  • Parish nursing practice combines the skills and knowledge acquired through the nursing sciences, theology, and the humanities
  • The main focus of parish nursing service is the faith community and its health ministry
  • Parish nursing practice emphasizes the strengths of the individual, family and community
  • Parish nursing practice believes that spiritual health and healing are on-going processes


Parish Nursing – Functions

The functions of the parish nurse include personal health counseling, liaison, health

Education, working with other service providers, and pastoral care.


Personal Counseling

Personal health counseling for analysis, assessment, planning and

guidance of health-related issues.



Liaison between the resources and the individuals to create awareness and help them choose appropriate services.


Health Education

Health education through individual or group sessions to provide information. discuss,

and promote wholeness in health.


Working with Other Service Providers

Working with other service providers and resources to facilitate fulfillment of health

the community.


Pastoral Care

Pastoral care works on enhancing spiritual strength to cope with crisis.

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